Thursday, May 7, 2015

World Class Body Builder Wade Lightheart And Kangen Alkaline Water

Wade was here in Wenatchee a few months ago spoke at Bonaventure for us
Thank you Wade for all the great education you left with us!

Shan Stratton Seattle Seahawks Kangen Water

Shan was at Richland Wa spoke on nutrition and pH of the body, I enjoy
Shan's education, thank you Shan for your time on the great
education you share.  I have been at several event where Shan has spoke.

Dr Horst Filtzer Kangen Water

Dr Horst Filtzer has spoke at different cities I have attended such
great information you share.  Thank you Dr Filtzer for all your
time and great professional information, your education is brilliant

Dr. Corinne Allen - Your Brain on Water

Dr Corinne Allen was here in Wenatchee Wa at a event I and my
team organized. It was just amazing to have her come to Wenatchee
and speak on how our brain works what it needs and the natural nutrition
she explains,  Thank you Dr Corinne for your time
here you continue to help so many.  I have heard Dr Corinne several times
at different events she travels around the country sharing her knowledge.